About the Experience Archive

The Experience Archive is a grass-roots project, designed to document
all facets of human experience through the stories of individuals.

The goal of the Experience Archive is to collect and catalog stories of
personal experiences, told by the individuals that lived them. Thereby
creating a reference, for anyone, anywhere in the world, to access at
any time.

The Archive will serve a multitude of uses as a reference resource.

As an historical reference, the Archive will present countless, first-hand
accounts of historical events, told by people who witnessed and
participated in these moments when they happened.

As a cultural reference, the Archive will give visitors the opportunity to
find connections to others, through the similarities of their experiences.
Perhaps even confirmation that they are not alone, that someone else has
had the same experience.

As a creative reference, the Archive will have no equal. From the
simplest, most ordinary stories to the most profound, extraordinary stories,
reality and life are the source of our human experience. Authors,
Filmmakers, Song-writers and Storytellers of all kinds will find inspiration
in the words of the people whose stories are the Experience Archive.