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Six days in Maine

  • 100_1538
    These photographs were taken in April, 2007 while I was in Maine for six days. They cover a fairly diverse range of subject matter, but I feel they all capture something special about each of their subjects.


  • Nebraska
    In June, 2002 I took a cross-coutry road trip with my best friend Scott and his brother, Tim. We drove from Portland, Maine to Santa Rosa, California and back in 11 days, with two days spent at the Grand Canyon. These are some of my favorite images from that trip. All of these photos were taken with a Creative Labs webcam. I will post more in the near future.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009


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I often see those birds circling around the sky. I assume they are closing in on their dinner. Often, I wish I could find their target. It's grody and I'm sure the smell of rotting flesh would make me nauseous and I'd curl up my nose and wonder what the hell is wrong with me to want to see such a sight.

Nice photo, kind of symbolic isn't it.Have a Wonderful Day, Timothy Millar

An allegory, as such. The death of the old year being consumed by the new. Or, big scary hungry birds with growling tummies. I wonder which one got the eyes...

We get those all the time in my town. Me and my daughter watch them almost every night during the summer when they are circling the area looking for a place to nest for the night it is kind of cool to watch.

Amazing photo

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