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Six days in Maine

  • 100_1538
    These photographs were taken in April, 2007 while I was in Maine for six days. They cover a fairly diverse range of subject matter, but I feel they all capture something special about each of their subjects.


  • Nebraska
    In June, 2002 I took a cross-coutry road trip with my best friend Scott and his brother, Tim. We drove from Portland, Maine to Santa Rosa, California and back in 11 days, with two days spent at the Grand Canyon. These are some of my favorite images from that trip. All of these photos were taken with a Creative Labs webcam. I will post more in the near future.

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Thursday, January 08, 2009


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Ah the age old question about age. I watched my mom and my older sisters age beautifully. That's not to say they never got wrinkles or gray hairs, but they, like a fine wine, were more deeply beautiful than in their youthful stages of life. So, I had a lot to look forward to. Those parentheses around my mouth? I see the commercials to rid them. I say I want to keep them to prove that I've smiled enough to earn them.
Excellent analysis. Thank you

When do you feel your age though? When I think mature, I think cynical. I think....responsible. When am I gonna stop daydreaming about being lead singer in a Radiohead cover band, and start daydreaming about stock dividends? My breath still stops when I see a meteor skirt the earth's atmosphere, should that only happen when gas prices fall? I still like to reach out and touch the wooly caterpiller, so I can see it roll up into a little ball. Should I worry about germs? At my age, shouldn't only good interest rates excite me? Should I see a dandelion and think "Weed" or can it still be a pretty yellow flower.

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